Dick Whittington Image.jpeg


Written and directed by Mark Oldknow

The Curzon Centre | December 23rd, 24th and 27th 2021

Hearing that the streets are paved with gold, our down-on-his-luck hero Dick Whittington sets off to London in search of fame, fortune, adventure… and true love! But the dastardly Queen Rat and her band of evil ratlings will let nothing stand in the way of world domination and soon the streets of the capital are overrun with rats causing chaos and mayhem across the City.

It’s up to Dick and his friends to save the day, and you’re all invited to join him on his adventures!

Dick - Saffron Stringer

Alice - Lily Blair

Tommy - Molly Sendall

Sarah - Edward Simpson

Jack - Morgan Allen

Fairy - Helen Sendall

Queen Rat - Lily Papaionnou

Fitzwarren - Antony Sendall

Brian - Ethan Baker

Gobbler - Zach Allen

Gnasher - Oliver Sendall

Cuttlefish - Lewis Dacre

Mate - Cormac Allen

Mystic Meg - Jess Cartledge

Shopper - Rain Knott

A Rat - Ben Edwards/Fawn Knott

A Rat - Eleanor Sullivan

Director - Mark Oldknow

Asst Director - Henry Dickinson

Choreographer - Allie Baldwin and Celeste Dadd

Technical Manager - Patrick Heys

Stage Manager - Graham Southgate

DSM - Bea Hart

ASM - Raphael Darley, Jonathan Strutt, Alfred Hurst

Lighting - Charlie Morgan

Sound - Jack Morgan, Patrick Heys