Realpolitik, madness, and murder all play their part in a drama that is both a thriller and the profoundest meditation on our human condition.


Night-time on the battlements of Elsinore Castle. The ghost of old king Hamlet appears before the guardsmen. Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, has married Hamlet’s widowed mother, the ‘most seeming-virtuous queen,’ Gertrude. Claudius is now king of Denmark. The ghost tells Hamlet that he is his father’s spirit, and is ‘doom’d for a certain term to walk the night,’ until his son can avenge his ‘foul and most unnatural murder.’


Director: Mark Oldknow

Movement Director: Allie Baldwin

Production Manager: Tom McGrath

Video Design: Raphael Darley

Sound Design: Abbi Collins


Thursday 26th March to

Saturday 28th March 2020 at 7.30pm

PLUS 2pm on 28th only


The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, HP9 1RG

PATRONS: David Edgar | Robert Glenister
PRESIDENT: Graham Southgate
VICE PRESIDENTS: Helen Sendall & Helen Sharman