A group of classmates is torn apart by the opportunity to perform their own dance. As they disagree and bicker, two distinct physical groups emerge and separate into opposing teams.


When a strange outsider appears – out of step with everyone else – the divide is disrupted. A contemporary narrative dance piece about individuality, community, and heritage.


‘I wanted to write a play that used the language of the body as well as the tongue. The point where text meets movement is a fascinating place to explore, and I thought it important to engage young people who might not be interested in straight performance, but something more dynamic. I also wanted to address how many judgments we make when we meet new people, both conscious and unconscious.’

Nell Leyshon



March 15 (8pm) + 16 (4.30pm and 8pm) at The Curzon Centre

April 7th at The Royal and Derngate Theatre, Northampton


WRITER: Nell Leyshon


DIRECTOR: Mark Oldknow

MOVEMENT: Allie Baldwin



PATRONS: David Edgar | Robert Glenister
PRESIDENT: Graham Southgate
VICE PRESIDENTS: Helen Sendall & Helen Sharman