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Festival Plays

Since first entering the festivals in 1974 The Young Theatre has entered 72 festivals garnering a staggering 140 awards. The group, apart from winning the All British Theatre Festival, has won 6 festivals outright against adult and youth groups. We have taken 44 individual acting prizes and won awards for stage presentation and original work. It is arecord which YT is rightly proud of.


The Burnham Trophy

The Burnham Trophy is a competition for original short plays based on a theme. Since its first production in 1986 the trophy has created some exceptional plays, some of which went on to win at the local festivals.

The rules are very simple. Split the membership into two or more groups. Improvise and create a script. Take that script and, with a limited budget, stage it. There are a minimum of two performances which are adjudicated and marked. The play with the most points receives 1 point, the second 2 etc. At each performance the audience is invited to vote for their favourite. Again the highest placed play receives 1 point etc. The winner is the group who get the fewest points.

In recent years extra awards have been made for Best Stage Presentation, Best Script, Best Director, Best Performance in a Leading Role, and Best Performance in a Supporting Role.

Each group must do everything to create their play. Design the set, lighting, costumes, and sound - and build, make, hire and operate them. They must write their programme pages and sell an allocated number of tickets. They are given a small budget and can raise additional money through fund raising and/or programme advertising.

It is little wonder that it is one of the most popular shows of the season. And not just for the groups - audiences love it.


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