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December 2019

Snow White - Aimee Langwade

Rose Red - Lily Blair

The Queen - Lizzie Baldwin

Muddles - Tom McGrath

Dame Daisy Flippit - Mark Oldknow

Prince Valiant - Yasmin Dacre

Martin the Huntsman - Lucas Walker

Magic Mirror - Morgan Allen

Fairy Nuff - Gwennan Williams

Smarty - Sophie Friend

Surly - Zach Allen

Soppy - David Douglas

Snuffly - Elise Williams

Snoozy - Oliver Sendall

Smiley - Henry Fotherby

Simples - Owen Edwards

Dave - Cormac Allen/George Fotherby

Major Domo - Molly Sendall

Music Man - Elli Damarell

Minion/Bear - Alastair Woodrow

Eloise - Saffron Stringer

Anastasia - Jess Cartledge

Character Chorus - Jess Cartledge, Celeste Dadd, Layla Hurst, Annabelle Langwade, Yvonne Osborne, Saffron Stringer

Chorus - Alexandra Askew, Lucy Brougham, Ben Edwards, Evie Gibbon, Sophie Reynolds

Director - Mark Oldknow

Choreographer - Allie Baldwin

Production Manager - Tom McGrath

Technical Manager - Matt Shraga

Stage Manager - Xye Appleton

Deputy Stage Manager - Abi Collins

Asst Stage Manager - Charlie Arnison

Crew Chief - Bea Hart

Stage Electrics - Jonathan Strutt

Crew - Raphael Darley, Alfie Hurst, Kieran McPhillips

Lighting - Charlie Morgan

Sound - Jack Morgan

Wardrobe - Elli Damarell, Polly Lambert, Jay Oldknow

Scenic Artists - Helen Sendall, Diane Jones